Court Reserve

Web Based Application

Court Reserve is only available to our member to give you access to CTPA schedule.  IMPORTANT:  You must register by  using the link in the email that we sent you when you become a member.   Inside this email is a video link that will show you step by step how to register using the link we gave you.   You can only register using the link that we provide in the Welcome letter.  The homepage has menu tabs across top of screen,

  • Events Calendar
  • Ball Machine
  • Resources
  • Event List
  • My Profile

The two tabs you want to become familiar with are the Events Calendar and My Profile.

Court Reserve refund policy:  You will get a credit to your "Club Credit" account  on all cancellation of fee base sessions 48 hours or longer done directly on Court Reserve.  An email to someone will not qualify as a cancellation. Cranberry Twp Customer Service cannot issue credit, only you can do it from withdrawing on CR.  We will add the credit to your account.  If you need that credit to your credit card there is a $5 cancellation fee to cover the processing fees.  

We encourage those who need to cancel 48 or less to try to contact the instructor who can try to see if they can get another paying member.      Even if you were cancelling 1 hour before the event  it is good let the instructor know so they can at least find a volunteer to fill in on your spot so that everyone is paired up.   People who act as "fillers" are volunteers and usually a level of two higher than the members in the clinic and are there  purely to balance the class. 

There are some events that may have longer or shorter refund policies but those would be stated clearly in specific correspondence.  Indoor sessions tend to sell out in minutes and many times they can even impact the players who are attending the same session.   If you need to cancel last minute we encourage you to find a replacement  for that session.

Club Credit:

We encourage you to use up all your club credit before you start charging to your credit card.  Club credit is not refundable to your credit card nor can be used for any other Cranberry Township program other than pickleball.  Nor can it be refunded if you leave the association.   Therefore we ask that you manage your club credit accordingly .

You can load your club credit with $50 or $100 by going to Sunday at 9PM and locating the $50 or $100 "Pay & Cancel".   This may be especially convenient during indoor play so you do not have to bill smaller amounts to your credit card.    

  • Go to your Court Reserve calendar to Sunday at 9PM
  • Select either the $50 or $100 “Pay & Cancel”. Pay for it like you do for any event and complete the transaction with your credit card.
  • Once you sign up go to “ My Profile” on top
  • Then on the right hand side look for “My Events”
  • Look at for the Pay & Cancel event and hit the “detail button under “more details”
  • Then withdraw/cancel this event.
  • Paula will then approve the cancellation and allow for with the $50 or $100 to be credited to your account.
  • Then all future reservations can be made via your club credit.

web based application

Events Calendar tab

events calendar tab

On the Event Calendar page, use the calendar tool to select the time frame you want to view and schedule.

event calendar tab

You may sort the time frame by Day, Week, Month, and Agenda.

sort schedule

You can also filter the schedule by event categories.

event categories

Then, to sign up for an event, click on the event in the calendar and it will take you to a page to sign up, simple as that!

level up and down

My Profile: In your Profile page, you’re able to see the events you’ve signed up for, the wait lists you’re on, your profile information, etc.

in your profile page

If you have any questions on Court Reserve please contact   "Valarie Diamond"  

  or Bruce Mazzoni   

Mobile App:

We encourage all members to download the CourtReserve App to their phones. The App allows you to look for and find events and register.  Also, you can review current registrations and view your profile. 

Below is some information on the mobile app and how easy it is to use. By clicking on Events, you’ll see a page like below, where you can filter for what you want to see

CTPA app dashboard

By clicking on Calendar, you’ll see the calendar of events from which to sort through. 

click on app calendar

From the Calendar, you can click on the event, as long as it's open for registration.

clip of app events calendar