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Jun 15

Flying the Flag of Progress and Choice

Posted on June 15, 2023 at 4:28 PM by Dan Santoro

Here’s your sign – that progress is happening in Cranberry.

You may have noticed brightly colored flags scattered around the Township over the past few months. You may have even seen them along your property – which may have been quite a surprise.

As utility companies are working to upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure in the Township, these flags are required to mark underground utility lines to prevent them from being damaged during excavation.

There are undoubtedly many questions about this process, and we’ve done our best to answer as many as we can. You can find those answers by clicking HERE

What those FAQs don’t ultimately answer is: Why? Why now? Why Cranberry?

For years, our Board of Supervisors and Township staff have fielded questions regarding cable and internet access in the community. While many think the Township has full control over what providers and services residents can access, the reality is that we do not. In fact, our hands are often tied by franchise agreements and federal regulations.

Cranberry has always welcomed providers to offer their services in the community, and 2023 marks progress on that front. Work includes a full overhaul of Armstrong, Consolidated Communications, and Comcast’s existing telecommunication network infrastructures, as well as an expansion of Comcast’s operations to begin serving residential customers.

All of this means you will have more options than ever.

But before the reward, there must be labor, and that labor is well underway. Crews must excavate in many locations, and that may include your property.

We understand this work can become an inconvenience at times, but bear in mind that this inconvenience is only temporary. And it stands to not only improve the community but provide our residents with more choices and opportunities.

So let the flags fly and remember that they signal progress.

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