Planning & Development Services

Effective May 24, 2021

All applications and payments for Land Development will be submitted through the Cranberry Township Online Portal. Use the button below to log in or create a new account.

Applicants, or the applicant's representative, are required to create a user account. Once this account is created, users will be able to submit all applications.

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Submittals to Planning and Development Services

Cranberry Township facilitates and manages sustainable development that meets the needs of individual property owners and the Township as a whole within the parameters of the Cranberry plan.

We encourage all developers to contact Planning and Development Services for a conceptual meeting to discuss your project.  To schedule a meeting, please contact the Planning and Development Specialist, Ph: 724-776-4806 ext. 1097.

All application submissions must have the required documents specified in the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance depending on application type. These requirements can be found in Sections 22-403 and 22-404 in the Cranberry Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (Chapter 22). View the Ordinance

Applications requiring Butler County Planning Commission review must be submitted directly to their office. Call for submission instructions. Ph: 724-284-5300.

Planning and Development Services

Our main purpose is to facilitate and manage sustainable development in Cranberry Township that meets the needs of individual property owners and the Township as a whole within the parameters of the comprehensive plan. 

We accomplish this through dynamic land use regulations, thorough inspections, community involvement, and excellent internal and external communication. We strive to enhance the physical environment and improve the quality of life for all residents, commercial enterprises, and visitors.

Building & Codes

The purpose of requiring a building or zoning permit is to verify code compliance in construction through the use of established code standards that exist for safety reasons.  Learn more...
Land Development
Subdivisions, land development, conditional use processes.  Learn more...

Planning Services

The long-range Cranberry Plan, future planning projects; plus transportation & mobility and Healthy Cranberry.  Learn more...

What Are They Building?

What just opened; what’s opening soon; what’s under construction; and what developments are under review?  Learn more...

The Cranberry Market Cranberry is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state with a 19% increase in population between 2000 and 2017. Given its attractiveness for both residential and commercial development, its growth has continued at a similar pace.  Cranberry first completed a market analysis as part of its comprehensive plan update as a tool to guide decision-making in developing the cranberry Plan, the Township’s 25-year community plan.  Read the 2018 Market Analysis Update (pdf version)

Healthy Cranberry Planning for the long-term health of our community is the #1 goal of the Cranberry Plan. Cranberry Township is already building a decision-making framework that places the community’s long-term health and sustainability at the forefront of every initiative. Read on...