Land Development

The Land Development team is responsible for managing development activity within the Township on behalf of the Board of Supervisors.

Services include facilitating both residential and non-residential projects, reviewing and processing all land development, conditional use, and subdivision applications, and monitoring construction sites for compliance with approved plans in conjunction with the Building and Zoning team and Engineering & Environmental Services.

  1. Ron Henshaw

    Director, Planning & Development Services
    Phone: 724-776-4806 x1107

Agendas: View all items currently on the agenda for review by the Township’s Planning Advisory Commission and/or Board of Supervisors.

Boards and Commissions: Information regarding the Planning Advisory Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, and Building & Fire Codes Appeals Board.
Calendar:  An up to date yearly calendar  that shows all Planning Advisory Commission, Board of Supervisors, Zoning Hearing Board meetings and deadlines for submissions.

Development Data & Info: General information related to development activity in the Township including; a monthly report, an un-built unit report, a 10 year building trend summary, and a list of all residential developments.

Development Guidelines: A brief overview explaining the Township’s Land Development, Subdivision, and Conditional Use processes.

Fees & Ordinances: Township Fee Resolution and Code of Ordinances

Form-Based Codes: An overview of the Township’s form-based code including; a brief history, basic principles, and why the Township has chosen to implement it

What Are They Building?: A comprehensive overview of all development, subdivision, and new business activity within the Township and the current status of each project.

Zoning Map: A map identifying the zoning of all properties within the Township.

Future Land Use Map:  A map identifying land use in the Township, as identified in the Cranberry Plan Update.

Applications & Forms  

Land Development, Subdivision, Conditional Use, Planned Residential Development, & Grading Permit applications as well as Liquor License Transfer.