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Jan 03

Looking Back on A Busy 2022

Posted on January 3, 2023 at 3:55 PM by Dan Santoro

Turn on your TV or open your favorite news app and you’re guaranteed to see a story about a divisive issue.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into any of that here.

It’s easy to be distracted by national and state politics and the hot-button issues that dominate the headlines, and I don’t want to suggest that those issues are not important. However, local government typically has no ability to make changes in Federal and State policy issues.

That’s why in Cranberry Township, our Board of Supervisors and staff stay focused on what can be done at the local level that has a more immediate impact – and that we and our community can control.

In 2022, that focus helped the Cranberry community soar to new heights while creating exciting opportunities for our four pillars. The signs of success are all around the Township.

Projects in our parks like the new Rotary Dog Park and the Cranberry Township Community Chest’s Kids Castle Refresh are existing assets that improve the user experience. That’s the same mission of the Municipal Center Modernization project, which aims to expand and upgrade the community center and surrounding area to better suit our community.

These projects are not just happening through our Township offices. Our colleagues with the Seneca Valley School District unveiled the beautiful Ehrman Crest school campus, earning international recognition from “Time” magazine for their groundbreaking concepts. And dozens of new businesses cut ribbons in 2022, with a welcoming and eager community at the ready to support them.

That same community stepped up in 2022 – as they always do – to support each other and become even more involved in shaping Cranberry for the future.

The inaugural Community Leadership Institute of Cranberry was held, with a dozen residents getting a months-long, in-depth look at how our government functions. Elsewhere, volunteer efforts through our Snow and Leaf Angel programs put actual boots on the ground to help those in need. Service projects like the Blue Star Memorial Marker in North Boundary Park and the Rotary Peace Pole in the Municipal Center provide color to the Township canvass.

The collaboration and support extend to our business and non-profit communities, highlighted by the Township’s partnership with UPMC Passavant on a naming rights agreement for UPMC Passavant Sportsplex at Graham Park. It’s a perfect example of the great work that can be done when stakeholders come together for the greater good.

While these are exciting examples of Cranberry’s success, there’s also room for fun – and the community knows how to have fun.

We saw record numbers at our Waterpark, Farmers Market, and at CTCC Community Days. CranFest returned for the first time in two years, and Santa’s First Stop helped ring in the holiday season.

Other events were not just enjoyable but brought regional and national attention to the Township.

The Cranberry Township Pickleball Association hosted the 2022 USA Pickleball North Mid-Atlantic Diamond Regional, while the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Butler County Disc Golf Classic was held at the Disc Golf Course in North Boundary Park.

All these things showcase what the Board and Township staff do each day to have a real impact on the community. We strive to keep our community safe by providing top-notch police, fire, and EMS services. We look for ways to improve, expand, and maintain our infrastructure, including Township roads and sewer and water system. We place an emphasis on using technology to improve traffic flow around the Township. We look for new ways to expand and upgrade our parks system. We work each day with developers to ensure our planning process is followed to the letter to maintain sustained, orderly development

These efforts help us create a financial healthy and sustainable future, which protects your investment as a resident or business owner. The Board of Supervisors sets the tone of staying focused on the things within our control and the priorities that make the Township a great place.

It’s a challenge taken seriously by our Board and exemplified by the excellent service of the late Dick Hadley, our longtime Board Chairman. His passing left a footprint of success that we are challenged to build upon, and we aspire to continue his legacy of pursuing great ideas and projects that better the community.

Using Dick’s passion, drive, and love of the community as a guide, our Board of Supervisors and Township staff will aim to make 2023 even more successful.

I hope your new year finds you in good health and prepared for new personal success. Remember that the Cranberry community is here for you and working hard to improve the quality of life for all.

Check out a video recap of an amazing year here:


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