CTVFC Fire Cadet Academy

Fire Cadet AcademyFire Cadet Academy Returns in July

Facilitating fun while forming future firefighters.

That’s the goal of the Cranberry Township Volunteer Fire Company’s Fire Cadet Academy. Set for July 24-28, 2023, the program is open to boys and girls ages 14-18 who want to one day become firefighters – or just want to know more about the job.

Participants will learn about fire safety, how apparatus and trucks function, and first-aid and CPR. They’ll also have hands-on experiences with equipment and gear and watch live demos by firefighters performing various training exercises, including ladder rescues, vehicle incident scene management and working in low visibility.

Lunch and t-shirts are provided. There is no cost to participate. Participants should wear casual clothes with sneakers/closed shoes, as there are physical activity periods and games during each session.

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CTVFC Fire Cadet Academy

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