What can be recycled in Cranberry?

Recycling is important, but it can be complicated.  

Place all recyclable materials in the BLUE-TOP recycling cart. There is no need to separate different types of recyclable materials. Please empty and rinse all containers.

DO NOT place plastic bags, from the grocery or other stores in your blue Recycling cart. If you cannot locate a recycling bin at local stores (try Home Depot, Lowes, Target), flatten bags, squeezing out air and stuff them into a larger bag - tie it securely and place in your GRAY-TOP Trash cart.

Recycling in Cranberry

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Some items are not accepted in your blue recycling cart

  • Drugs (prescription and other) Safe, secure disposal bin located in the Township Police Department lobby.
  • Wire Hangers Reuse or return to a local dry cleaner.
  • Plastic Hangers Reuse or donate. If broken, discard in your Gray-Top trash cart.
  • Plastic bubble wrap and packing peanuts  Reuse or take to a local retail shipping business.
  • HHW, Televisions, other electronics, and chemicals
    Learn more about household hazardous waste
  • Earth 911 - Search this database by zip code or item.

TC Recycling LLC Provides Local Services for Hard-To-Recycle Items

TC Recycling is a recycling and refuse disposal station located in Mars (Adams Township) and is part of the Vogel family of businesses.

The center is open to the public and accepts trash and hard-to-recycle items. The convenience center is good for occasions in which there is more garbage than a refuse bin can handle, or to get rid of items such as hazardous electronic-waste, oil and latex paint.

Additionally, a recycling container is available at the main entrance for local residents to use at no charge. There, residents can drop off cardboard; HDPE and PET plastics; and aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans.

The center also accepts e-waste, including unbroken televisions and monitors, computers and laptops, printers and computer peripherals; oil; antifreeze; latex paint; and tires, either on or off the rim. Those items must be kept separate from the rest of the load, and additional fees apply.

TC Recycling
Public Drop-Off Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 3 PM and Saturdays, 7 AM - 11 AM.
Location: TC Recycling, 126 Hutchman Road, Mars, PA. 16046.
Phone: 724-625-9000
Website: TC Recycling  Check the website for additional information.

Cardboard Compactor 

  • Our self-service Cardboard Compactor is located behind the Municipal Center for residential use.  
  • No Styrofoam or packing 'peanuts'. Reuse or take to a local retail shipping business or bag and place in your GRAY-TOP trash cart.
  • Do not dispose of garbage or trash with the cardboard.
  • If the compactor is full, do not leave boxes outside. 
  • A camera monitors the compactor's use.  
Cardboard Compactor Operation Rules

Retire "Old Glory"

Retire Old Glory collection binThe "Retire Old Glory" bin is located in the Municipal Center next to the Township Office entrance, beside the Veteran's display case. 
Email: retireoldglory@gmail.com 

Cranberry Township was the first municipality to welcome the project in April 2011. Flags should be retired in a dignified and respectful manner when they are no longer a fit for display and replaced with a new flag.

The Recycle the Good Times program is suspended until further notice (posted: 12/21/2020)

twocarts resz.jpg
Backyard bashes, graduation gatherings, celebrations, block parties...

We will lend a recycling rack with bags for recyclables and another rack for the party trash. There is no cost or deposit required, but a driver’s license is required as proof of residency, at the time of pick-up.

  • We suggest one set of recycling racks for every 50 people. A set consists of: (1) trash rack; (1) recycling rack; plus 2 bags for each rack. Pick up from the Customer Service Desk, 724-776-4806, ext. 5. Mon.-Fri., 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 
  • Return racks within 3 days after your event to the Customer Service Center.
  • Trash disposal is your responsibility. Use the bags furnished with the racks. Each bag that does not fit into your trash bin will require an Extra-Bag-Collection Connection sticker, and may be placed curbside on your regular collection day. Bag stickers may be purchased through Customer Service.
  • Recycling items should be put into the clear ‘recycling’ bags furnished by the Township, and placed curb-side with your trash/recycling bins on your regular collection day.
  • If you are not trash collection customer, please dispose of the bags properly.