Rotary Dog Park

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Cranberry K9 Connection 
Join other Township dog-owners and Pete Geis, Parks & Recreation director, to improve our Dog Park. 

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The four-acre park is located in Community Park on Rt.19 in Cranberry Township. It was built by the Township’s Public Works Department with a lead contribution of $45,000 from the Cranberry Rotary Club, and features separate off-leash running areas for large and small dogs, as well as a second fenced space for large dogs to enable rotation of active play areas so that the fields can recover from wear and tear.  

  • Handicap-accessible fountain outfitted with drinking heads for people and dogs
  • Double-gate entry system allowing dogs to enter without letting others out
  • Clean-up bag dispenser

Please enjoy the Dog Park safely

There is no charge to use the Park, and it is open during daylight hours. Parking is adjacent to the facility, allowing dog-owners to bring their pets in and out of Community Park without walking through established child play areas. The dog park is not supervised, and visitors are asked to review and adhere to the posted rules regarding clean-up and allowable pet behavior.

Dog Park Rules

  • Owners are always legally responsible for the behavior of their dog. 
  • Owners should not leave their dog unattended. 
  • Dogs are to be leashed before entering and when departing the Dog Park. 
  • Owners must clean up all dog waste IMMEDIATELY and seal it in provided waste bags.  
  • Dog waste bags are then to be disposed of in waste containers. 
  • Dog handlers must be over 16 years of age. Children, under the age of 16, must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. 
  • Dogs must be properly licensed, vaccinated, and free of parasites. 
  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted – no fighting or biting. 
  • Agility/play obstacles are designed for dogs only. 
  • Agility/play obstacles should not be used in inclement weather. 
  • RED LIGHT on power box indicates police firearms training is in progress.

Use the Dog Park at your own risk. 

  • It is unhealthy for puppies under the age of 16 weeks to be in the Dog Park.
  • Not permitted:  human food or dog food treats, aggressive dogs, glass containers, sick dogs, dogs in heat.


North Boundary Park.

The pilot program, running through 2021, will enable Township officials to evaluate its success and determine if it will become a permanent feature will allow pooches to walk – with their owners and on leashes – around the NexTier Loop, a paved trail that winds through the park. It is adjacent to the Disc Golf Course and Nature Trail areas, where dogs have been permitted since 2019.

  • Dogs are only permitted on the walking trails and designated areas in North Boundary Park.
  • Dogs must be on a leash and under the owner's control at all times.
  • Dogs are prohibited on sports fields, playgrounds, and non-designated areas.
  • Fines starting at $35 for violations.
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Pet Honor Bricks

Create a lasting tribute to your favorite pet through our Pet Honor Brick program. For $50, a brick engraved with the name of your pet will be placed in the pavement approaching the Dog Park entry gate. Funds from the sale of the bricks will be used to buy additional water fountains and to maintain the park in perpetuity. Call 724-779-4FUN (4386).   Pet Honor Brick Order Form

Partners, Supporters and Benefactors 

Cranberry’s Rotary Dog Park was developed by the Township in partnership with the Cranberry Rotary Club and with contributions of cash as well as in-kind donations from many businesses and individuals. We applaud their efforts. 

Major contributors to the park include the Cranberry Rotary Club, Cranberry Supply, Ford Fencing Company, David and LuAnn Hendrick and Baierl Chevrolet. 

These businesses helped with construction: All Pet & Home Care; Beaver Travel Center, Glen Mason; Castle Cheese; George Myrter; Cici’s Pizza; Cranberry Women’s Club; Dad’s Pet Care; Dudt’s Bakery; Eat ‘n Park, a Family Restaurant; Ferguson Waterworks; Gardens Veterinary Hospital; Iams; Keller Williams Realty; L/B Water Service, Inc.; Marriott; Merial, Animal Health Co.; Monte Cello’s of Cranberry; Mueller Co.; Paul Kleeman; Penn Telecom; Pet Pals; Petco; Pittsburgh Pirates; PNC Bank; Purina; Rook’s Station; Sewickley Heights Golf Club; SFM Corp./Bud’s Suds; Solar Guard; State Farm Agency; Tony Scuillo; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post # 879; W & R Enterprises, Inc./Agway and Wal-Mart. 

Thanks to our Dog Park Citizen Committee, who supported and promoted this project from the beginning: Dan and Liz Wiegand, co-chairpersons; Linda Joa; Ramona Francis; Amanda Francis; Judy Jacobs; Kay Bryant; Dawn Galderisi; Christine Hanby and Dr. David Elliott And to the hundreds of individuals also contributed toward the Cranberry Rotary Dog Park. Thank you all! 

Thank you to our donors

Renee Abernethy
Edward Alo
Mrs. M. Amacher
Dirk Anderson
Betty Jean Anderson
Rick Antestensis
Bonnie Bain
Denise Beckwith
Richard E. & Michele Bellino
Dean R. & Sally Berkebile
Mary Ann & Joseph Bisceglia
John Blahut
Charles & Michelle Bossong
Arlene Bouch
Susan Boyd
Otilie & David Briggs
Carla Brown
Harry & Wanpen Bruner
Catherine &Pamela Bryant
David & Arianne Burnworth
Christopher Chill
Holly Chrostowski
Ivan & Jocelyn Cilik
Dale & Julie Clifton
Amy Colussy
Nicole Conlon
Nancy & John Coyne
James & Amy Cravotta III
Adam Day
Lynda DeCarlo
Debra Decoursey
Alicia & Jason Demchak
Dana & K. Issac Devyver
Helen & Raymond Dewald
Daria DeWitt
James T. Dicker
Edward Diehl
Deborah Donnelly
Patricia Ann & Jerome Doody
Jean Dostlik
Angela Doyle
Heather Doyle
Edward Dully
Zach & Trevor Eichelberger
Dr. David Elliott
Margaret Ernst
Mark Fanelli
Charlesa & John Fassinger
Mary & Dean Ference
Theresa & Walter Fetter
Michele Flatt
R. Matthew & Mary Fleig
John Fogle
Ramona & Scott Francis
Mario & Danielle Funair
Dawn Galderisi
Marianne Gallagher
Judy & Glenn Gates
Gerra & Michael Gembarosky
Timothy & Kathryn Golding
F. Timophy & Darlene Grieco
Gloria & Kenneth Gruber
Mary Jane & Richard Hadley
Erin & Lawrence Hagan Jr.
EJ & Thomas Haley
Patricia Halverson
Clara Hanberg
Christine & Charles Hanby
Joyce & John Harrell
John & Margaret Harrington Jr.
Robert & Dawn Hastings Jr.
Elaine Hein
Janet L. Henry
Karen & Duane Herbert
Katherine & Stephen Herman
Suzanne Hignet
Lauri & Aaron Hmel
Bill & Janice Hohn 
Patricia & Charles Holmes
Debra & Scott Horan
Paul & Susan Hritz
Shana & Christopher Hunyadi
Heather Hurley
Debra & Thomas Ivill Jr.
Judith Jacobs
Linda Joa
Karen & Kurt Johanknecht
Michele & James Johnson
Paul Jolly
Margaret & James Jones
Lindsay & Michael Jopinko
Mark Kantrowitz
Beth Ann & William Kearney
John & Carol Kelleher
Karl & Evelyn Koebler
Mary & David Kraus
Judy Kucinski
Mark & Francine Kuzma
John Lang
Nancy Larkin
Craig & Caroline Laurito
Cheryle Lawson
Mary Rogers Lemke
James Liviskie
Anthony Lucarelli
Patricia Luedtke
Jay & Maureen Lyle
Timothy & Nancy MacFarlane
John & Shana Mackie
Deborah & Dennis Malley
Jennifer Marinelli
Stacy & John Markle
Lee Ann & Steven Maslek
Donald & Toni Matson
Thomas May
Pamela & John Mayberry
Bruce & Connie Mazzoni
Michelle & Marc McAndrew
John & Erin McClymonds Jr.
Kenneth & Kimberly McCosby Jr.
Sara & Michael McGahey
Patricia McGeever
Paul & Eileen McGill
Dr. T.W. McGuire
Susan & Sean McLaughlin
Dr. N.P. Melone
John & Shannon Mesko
Bonnie & David Meyer
Michael & Melissa Micco
Jerri Miller
Marian Miller
Lisa Joy & Russell Miller
William & Cynthia Mitchell
George & Janet Mitchell
James & Deborah Moreland
Sue Morris
Brian Murphy
Jacalyn S. & Jason Newman
Ronald & Susan Noonan
Stephanie & Corry Novosel
Robert & Terri Ochs
Denis & Jane Olson
Vilma Page
Stylianos Papakirk
Mary Ann & Paul Patrick
Jill & George Pearsall
Michael & Kay Pfahlert
Kristine & Samuel Poloyac
Gloria & James Post
Leslie Anne Power
Patrick & Sharon Prazenica
Kathleen & Mark Prazer
Dr. Robert W. Prazer
Mary Louise & John Price
Sandra & Daniel Priga
James Pudlo
Robert & Janet Pudlo
M. & A. Pugliano
Deanna & Daniel Quinlan
Debbie Ramage
Ann & Kevin Reale
Lynn & Bruce Richards
Thomas Risch
Nancy & John Roche III
Jim Rooker
Cheryl & Robert Rosek
Brad Rubinosky
Jennifer & Michael Ruck
Mary & Thomas Ruloff
Sharon & Mark Ryan
Frank & Denise Salopek
Michael Santelli
Kimberly Sarnowski
Paul Sartori Jr.
Joe Savage
Marie-Noelle Sayan
Mary John Scarfo
Elizabeth Schaeffer
Richard & Sally Anne Scherr
Tony Sciullo
Carol & David Sedon
Kathy Sewall
Walter Shackelford Jr.
Florence & William Shaner
Mark & Tracey Shipley
Susan & Charles Siebel Jr.
June Siembieda
John & Kelly Skelton Jr.
Karen & Harry Snyder
John & Valerie Spanik
Cindy & Micahel Stagel
Ella & William Stanek
Gerald & Joan States
Suzanne & Ralph Steigerwald
James & Diane Steigerwaldt
Rebecca & Thomas Stellar
Laura & Michael Stephany
Sandra Stojanovic
Frank & Judy Storar
Neil & Bronya Strosnider
Herbert Stull Jr.
Barry & E. Diane Summers
Jacqueline S. & Jerry Swart
Steven & Joanne Swiger
Jill Szafranski
Laura & Jamie Thomas
Olive Tiller
Denise Traubert
Timothy Trejo
Jean Tripp
Judith Valosio
Joseph Vater
Steven & Irene Vrh
Richard & Erin Wadas
Donna Walkowski
Joanne & Thomas Walsh
Jarmilla & Donal Warhola
Destiny Watson
Walter & Antoinette Wdowiak
Donna Weisseg
Judi Wentzel
Ruth & Delmar White II
Dolores Whittington
Elizabeth & Dan Wiegand
Rebecca & Brent Wiley
Dean R. Williams
Dr. Paul & Mary Ann Wilson
Donald K & Gail Wisema