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Welcome to Cranberry K9 Connection.  Our volunteers are dedicated to enhancing and improving the dog community in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania.  We do this by partnering with Cranberry Townships Parks & Recreation Department and the community, to share and implement ideas to enhance K9 opportunities within the community.

Why don't YOU ... JOIN US!

Our Mission is to work with Cranberry Township and the community to enhance opportunities for K9 involvement within our town.

Any dog family will tell you... "dogs are part of our family, not just a pet!"   Our goal is to educate the community on the dog ordinances established for our community, educate them about where dogs are permitted, where they are not permitted and what is expected of them as responsible dog owners, we hope to gain additional areas of the township and local establishments that are welcoming to dogs and their humans in the near future. 

When humans are respectful of each other, (dog owners and non-dog owners) we can enjoy sharing space in this world together.  This positive experience will have a positive impact on community life, and we can enjoy sharing life in more public places with our K9 family members too.

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We are always looking for your comments, thoughts and ideas as well as VOLUNTEERS to help improve the overall Canine Experience in Cranberry Township. 

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