Group Fitness, we call it Total Body Conditioning!

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Group FitnessNew space, new programs, new life!

Our all-new, 20 by 60 foot group fitness room, with special aerobic flooring, is dedicated full-time to a menu of innovative and established 60, 45, and 30-minute exercise sessions, six days a week, throughout the year.

All classes are multi-level, designed for participants 18 and older (Ages 14-17, if accompanied by a legal guardian) ranging from beginner through advanced. Our instructors can offer guidance concerning program placement.

Once registered, you can participate in as many or as few of the sessions offered that month as you choose.

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We offer a 'free class' option for newcomers - Check with our Customer Service Desk for details 

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Individual class: $8. Resident; and $10. Non-resident.

Best Value! Monthly Pass Passes include an unlimited number of classes throughout the month. Passes expire at the end of the month and cannot be prorated.
$37. Resident
$40. Non-Resident
* $30. Ages 55+
* $30. Students (with current High School or College Student ID)
Purchase Student and 55+ passes at the Parks & Recreation Customer Services Desk.
Online purchase is not available at this time.

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Total Body Conditioning /

Group Fitness

TBC/Group Fitness is a concept that involves all types of classes designed to challenge your body and mind in different ways.
We love to change-up our schedule - so, check our monthly guide
Monthly Group Fitness Schedule

What you need for class

We suggest that you bring a good pair of cross-trainer shoes and a mat. Yoga mats are the most versatile. They can be purchased in local stores at reasonable prices. Look for a 1/4 inch thickness and a strap! Wear comfortable clothing as well.

Cardio / Core Classes

Our classes are for Every Body. Please don’t feel like you are not in good enough shape to come to class! You don’t have to be great to start – you just have to start to be great! The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!


– 30 minute focus on your foundation – the core. Create stability from the AXIS- the middle of your body, the basis for all movement – then layer on mobility, strength and power.

Boot Camp

– High energy drills and skills make this a fun way to burn a bunch of calories in an hour!

Cardio Butts and Gutts

- Plenty of cardio in this class which focuses on the core and hips.

CardioCore H.I.I.T -

High Intensity Interval Training alternating between Cardio and Core. CardioMix – You’ll never believe it – A mix of different cardio!

Circuit Express

- 30 minute circuit class alternating between Cardio and Sculpt to get you in and out quickly and efficiently!

Circuit Training

- Cardio and Sculpting Intervals using kettlebells, bands, dumbbells and more!

Core Express

- 30 minutes of core focus!

Customized Small Group Class

– If you have a small group of people and would like to have a customized class (afternoon is best for this) – we would like to make this happen for you! Email


– Low impact class providing a good cardiovascular and/or strength workout with a minimum amount of wear and tear on the body! Modifications are given for all exercises. Balance work included.

FXP Hoop Fitness

– Using a 2 pound weighted hoop, this class features low-impact interval training, precise moves inspired by Barre work, core-centric moves adapted from Pilates and Yoga-based stretching.

Group Barbell

– Just like Les Mills Body Pump, we are following the RIP format. Same, if not better, work out. You will still sculpt and strengthen your entire body by using low weight (not super low, but lower than an Olympic weight lifter!!) and high repetitions. The class is choreographed to great music and with great instructors inspiring you, you can’t go wrong!

Participants may use a barbell, dumbbells or no weight at all. All fitness levels will be accommodated! This has been proven to be one of the quickest ways to get in shape. New students may want to check out the Group Barbell Elements class.

Everyone who is 40+ needs to lift weights. Why? It increases lean muscle mass, increases bone mineral density, increases metabolism, burns fat and so much more. Remember, as you age, you lose muscle mass, increase fat mass, your bones get brittle. Who needs that?

Group Barbell Elements

– Great for new and current students. This is a small group setting in which you will be coached on the correct form for all of the Group Barbell exercises. This will allow you to get the results you want as quickly as possible. This is not a full Group Barbell class.


- High Intensity Interval Training. You work hard, but you get to rest too! Your high intensity may not be your neighbor’s high intensity so everyone can do this! Modifications will be given! Helps build endurance; increase your anaerobic threshold and burn calories and fat before and for hours after your workout!


- This class is based on the High Intensity Interval Training method. It mixes athletic and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance and core training. You don't need to be in extreme shape; modifications for all levels are provided.

Kettlebell Amped

– Heart pumping music and your favorite kettlebell moves make this class a whole body workout!

Mash Up Mania

– Anything goes in this class from Zumba to strength training, step and more!


- Yes, we still have step classes for the diehards out there!

Strength /Core Foundations

– Like having your own personal trainer! This is a great class to learn the basics of weight training and how to do the exercises correctly to enhance your other classes!

Tabata Intervals/Tabata Express

– 30-45 minute Tabata format to get you in and out quickly and efficiently. 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest.

War/War Express

– Get on the battlefield of life! Combat weight gain and muscle loss with this fusion of mixed martial arts, easy to follow drills and chart-topping music.


– You say you have no rhythm? You say you can’t dance? Well, all that matters is that you move to the fusion of Latin and International music. Our Zumba instructors all have different styles with one thing in common – PASSION!


– Just like the above, but a little bit easier!


mba/Strength Intervals

– Alternating segments of Zumba and sculpting using bands, kettlebells and dumbells.

Mind and Body

Chair Yoga

– This class is done sitting in or standing next to a chair. You’ll get a great stretch and work on balance too!

Foundations Yoga Flow

– Vinyasa style flow class with an emphasis on modifications for those who may need them!

Iron Yoga

– Yoga with a little twist – yoga-inspired sculpting moves (you have the option of using light weights)


– Helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries, improving posture and increasing flexibility, circulation and balance. You will establish core strength and stability. Props such as light weights, small balls and stability balls and gliding discs may be added to add variety.


– This class has it all! Pilates, Yoga, cardio and Strength conditioning using only your body weight, makes this a dynamic class that will improve your muscle tone , posture and overall fitness level.

Tabata Yoga

– Yoga warm up followed by Tabata-style, yoga-inspired workout.

Strong Flow Yoga

– Energetic, vinyasa style flow emphasizing continuous movement with the breath.


- Get ready to move in this class which combines the elements of Yoga, Pilates and Sport to create a unique, integrated and diverse program. (We are trying out this new format - to possibly take the place of PiYo in the morning).

Yoga Flow

– In between the Fundamentals Flow and the strong flow is this beautiful “just right” class.


– Gentle yoga class. Props may be used. Balance work included.

Yoga for Every Body

– All of our classes are for all body types, but this class will use props and it is not a vigorous flow. It is more of an “aaaaaah” class – lots of slow stretching. Nice way to ease into Yoga. Great for athletes to cross train!

Yoga Specifics

– A 30-45 minute class with an emphasis on a specific area of the body.

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