Competitive Membership

Only $65 for membership until 12/30/2018.  $60 for a Cranberry resident

Online Membership Registration Is Open

 Pricing  Until 3/1/18  After 3/1/18  After 7/1/18
 Cranberry Resident  $40  $60  $30
 Non-Resident  $45  $65  $35

Order online and go to Parks & Recreation with your driver's license where they will take your photo for the Competitive CTPA Membership card. You can also walk in and register for Social Membership. No rating will appear on your membership card. It will be applied by the Rating Committee who will be in contact with you after you get your CTPA card.

What will a Competitive MEMBERSHIP include?
  • Exclusive Hours * not available to the general public.  You may also play during public times, if you wish.
  • Provides you with a rating, matched to your skill level.  a rating 
  • Competitive open level play- Enjoy competitive open play with others at your rated level. 
  • Practice/drill sessions (on specific parts of the game) Advanced sign-up may be required and time slots may be limited.
  • Social play  
  • A valid membership card will be required to access the courts during CTPA hours.

Events requiring an extra fee

  • League Doubles Play  (Discount offer to CTPA member)
  • Mini-Tournament (Discount offer to CTPA member)
  • Tournaments
  • Specific & private lessons.
  • In-door pickleball (special discount for CTPA members).  Sign via this web site, on a first come-first serve basis.
  • *Exclusive Outdoor times & special play for CTPA members. (Anything that reserves court time for individual members, for signing up for more specific play, other than open play and practice. A small charge will be required.)
    • Ladders - round robins
    • Shoot-Outs
    • Special games, with membership